Elevating Smart Contracts with Verifiable Computation Power

Quex VM
Quex VM is a general-purpose virtual machine that produces on-chain verifiable results, allowing to transform any Web2 program into a Web3 one.
Balans Sheet
Quex VM
Matching Engine
Quex VM
HTTPs Client
Quex VM
Neural Network
Quex VM
HTTP outcalls
Quex VM revolutionizes smart contracts by enabling verifiable HTTP outcalls. Now your contracts can:
Access Data Directly
Retrieve data from any web source without needing specialized oracles, broadening the scope of information available for your dApps
Communicate Beyond Blockchain
Send data to other blockchains and the web2 world, enhancing dApp functionality and connectivity
Extending the Chain of Trust
With Quex, integrate AI like ChatGPT into dApps through verifiable HTTP outcalls.

Embed entire neural networks into Quex VM for transparent AI inference, unlock the opportunity for AI for direct digital assets management.
One VM, Unlimited Possibilities
Off-chain computations
Outsource your computations to off-chain untrusted parties, saving money on transaction fees
Decentralized computations
Monetize your computing resources and valuable data by performing as an prover party
On-chain attestation 

Reduce on-chain footprint of your decentralized applications by requiring only proof verification to utilize results
Real-world bridge
Transform any Web2 program into Web3 one, just by wrapping it into Quex VM
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